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Contains all the 'Terms & Conditions', 'Service / Cancellation Policy'.

We've been in this business for years now and know that getting started can be complex for newcomers. That's why we offer a wide variety of services options on everything you need to know to get started.

A. See all categories for instagram serices.
B. Choose your category and browse listed services in there.
C. Select the service which completes your need.

A. Browse website to choose your service.
B. Login / Register to buy a service.
C. Make a successful online payment order.
D. See live status update on your service order in - 'My Orders'.
E. Once status is 'Complete', Your order is successfully delivered.

A. Once a service order is placed. It can take max 24 hours to complete.
B. If an ordered service quantities are large; It's time to complete may exceeds 24 hours.

A. An order can not be cancelled once placed. It executes at the same time when it is placed.

A. Your service order is placed and may show 'Cancel', 'Complete', 'Error'.
B. Shows 'Cancel', If entered data is not found.
C. Shows 'Complete', If entered data is found.
D. It may show an 'Error Message' If data is incorrect.

A. Consumer can login and correct the order details ONLY ONCE.

A. Consumer will get 50% amount of an order as refund while second attempt of an order shows 'Canceled'.

A. Orders once placed and in queue will not be refunded.
B. First attempt if shows 'Canceled' / 'Error Message' will not be refunded.
C. Only after second attempt of a service order; if it shows 'Canceled'. It will be refunded as 50% amount of an order as refund.

A. If found an abusing communication; we may block consumer user permamently. In such cases will not be refunding any amount for canceled order status to such consumer.
B. If the consumer user is impatient during the completion of service order.
C. If the consumer user usage with our website found threatening or unauthorised.

A. All ordered service counts will be guaranteed delivered.
B. If there is a drop in certain counts after delivery it will not be refilled. Since there is a certain limitaions and it costs us more. We are genuinely focusing on providing instant social marketing services at best prices.
C. All customers can buy services on their wish independent of drops in counts after delivery. We do not force buying our services in this case.
D. This will be applicable from year 2022 January 1st.

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Please follow these steps :
1. Create an account by Register / login at
2. Select your choice of service from services dropdown box
3. Copy & enter social media profile url / post url / page url / video url of service
4. Enter quantities you want to Buy of that service
5. Enter promotional code eg. INSTA10
6. Click 'Pay Now' to place your order
7. You can check status of your Order after logging in at your account page : My Orders

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